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About Malika Hakeem

Malika Hakeemis a Qualified, experienced and intuitive Holistic Therapist and fully insured. Malika practices Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Dry Cupping Therapy, Wet Cupping Therapy (Hidjama), Sport Therapy & Graston Massage Techniques as well as Hydrotherapy (Colon Irrigation). Malika is skilled in a variety of therapies and methods, She has an in-depth knowledge of pathology, musculoskeletal issues and modern health concerns. Malika is able to create a tailored treatment plan for each one of her clients, to achieve optimal results.

Malika has always been inspired by the healing potential of Holistic medicine and enjoy working with people. Her treatments modalities are designed to meet your needs, adapting to any ailments, injuries, health concerns and conditions for your desired outcome. Whether you are suffering from niggling aches and pains, battling the effects of stress, living with a chronic health condition or to restore your balance. All of the treatments address the root cause of the issue rather than the symptoms, promoting Healing wellbeing, here at Equilibrium Clinic caring is our passion.

Malika’s journey of study begin nearly seven years in the best colleges and schools of therapy in UK, and each time she has competed a modality she felt that, she needed to learn more to be able to help clients. Malika has also been practicing and working in private clinics, which made her gain more experience and knowledge. Malika also studied Teaching Qualifications for adults, and had 5 years of experience working in College, which give her excellent insight and skills when working with people. She has spent a lot of time and effort in searching and learning new methods and techniques.

As a Holistic Therapist, Malika has nearly 7 years experience in the field of Holistic Medicine, she has worked as a mobile therapist for many years, and she also worked in a private clinic in Leicester running two different practices a acupuncture clinic and a hydrotherapy clinic. Malika also spent many hours working as Acupuncturist with professional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Whittington Hospital running two NHS clinics, fertility clinic and pain relieve clinic.

Malika is a warm, caring and trustworthy person and she also share very special bond with her clients. Her aim in life is to serve and help people find solution to their health problems, which gives an enormous contentment and fulfilment as she feels grateful to be so fortunate to benefit others in this way.

So, if you are looking for a top quality, friendly, caring and highly experienced Holistic Therapist look no more and book an appointment with Malika. After just one session with her, she has restored many of health concerns and issues, which many Therapists have failed to fix over the past 6 years.

My Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Hidjamah Therapy at (ICAHT) Institute of Clinical Applied Hijamah Therapy

  • Certification in Dry Cupping & Graston Techniques at (ICAHT) Institute of Clinical Applied Hidjamah Therapy

  • Diploma in Acupuncture at Asanté Chinese Academy

  • Certification in Colon Hydrotherapy from NCCH National College of Colon Hydrotherapy


  • Facial Rejuvenation and Cupping Massage, 2015

  • Dry Cupping Techniques, 2016

  • Blood Pricking techniques, 2016

  • Tung Acupuncture 2017

  • Balance Method /Dr Tan Acupuncture, 2018

  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, 2019

  • Motor Point Acupuncture, 2019

  • Corona Virus Awareness Course, June 2020


    Membership Accreditation:

  • Member of BCS British Cupping Society

  • Member of CNHC Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

  • Member of GNC General Naturopathic Council.

  • Member of ARCH Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists.


  • Fully insured with Balens.

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